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Fast, error free electronic ordering, convenient specimen collection, accurate analysis, prompt turnaround and electronic resulting reduces the potential for error, increases patient safety, eliminates transcription, reduces labor costs, speeds turn around and increases both clinician and patient satisfaction, contributing, in sum, to the highest standard of patient care. That's why Premier Medical Laboratory offers WebOrdersView™ and WebResultsView™.

With WebResultsView, our clients can receive results using an Internet browser along with their assigned Log In ID and password. It should be noted, however, that other, more conventional results delivery methods are also offered in tandem with WebResultsView, such as fax or hard copy.

Access is assigned to each user by your designated Administrator. Several levels of access are available for assignment. For example your Administrator can see all results for the your practice. Your administrator can also assign clinician access to either all results or just to each clinician's own patients. Access can also be given to clerical, client service or other administrative staff.

Client Administrators can add or delete users, change user rights and privileges and reset individual passwords as necessary.

Besides getting results and administering users in WebResultsView, your staff can also view, print or download several useful statistics pertaining to your account's test volume, your test usage and your patient's results. For example, your Administrator, can analyze test volume by analyte for any given range, total test volume for a given date range, tests by doctor in any given date range and tests by patient in a given date range.

Access to WebResultsView is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on every day of the year. Access to results can be obtained from any location in the world using a computer with internet access, provided the user has current credentials (log in ID and password).

WebResultsView is fully HIPAA compliant and employs the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) cryptographic protocol to provide security for all WebResultsView communications over the Internet.
Results Search Criteria
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You can select Results Summaries by clinician, by patient, by day, by week, by month, by year, by a specified date range, by test, By Abnormal status, by print status (printed or un-printed), etc. Once selected, individual results can be sorted and grouped by date, by accession number, by patient, by report date and by Date of Service, if desired.
Search Results Summary
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You can then use this summary to select, review and manage individual test results. The summary also allows you to mark reports off as printed and processed so that they aren't confused in the future with new reports in need of processing. Remember, however, reports marked as printed are not deleted. They remain available in the 13 months following the date of service for your future reference, when and if desired.
Patient Results Report
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Individual Results Reports can be viewed, printed or downloaded into a variety of formats. For example, results can be downloaded as an HL-7 file for importation into your Electronic Medical Record system, saved as a .PDF file to send via email, exported as a .CSV file for for analysis with MS Excel® or saved as a .DOC file for use in MS Word®.
Cum Sum Report
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A cumulative summary of results can also be viewed, printed and / or downloaded using WebResultsView. In a Cum / Sum report patient test results with multiple Dates of Service are displayed in tabular form for each test, by date of service. By clicking a test, you can immediately graph the results for the selected test. Clicking a second test will add that test's results to the graph along with other graphed test results.