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Fast, error free electronic ordering, convenient specimen collection, accurate analysis, prompt turnaround and electronic resulting reduces the potential for error, increases patient safety, eliminates transcription, reduces labor costs, speeds turn around and increases both clinician and patient satisfaction, contributing, in sum, to the highest standard of patient care. That's why Premier Medical Laboratory offers WebOrdersView™ and WebResultsView™.

With WebOrdersView, you can see and order from our test catalog. Because this test catalog is derived directly from the Test Code Database in our Laboratory Information System, you won't ever have to bother with updates or changes in the test menu. The test menu presented in WebOrdersView is always up to date.
Order / Requisition Tab
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Because WebOrdersView shares both the patient database in our Laboratory Information System and the Insurance Database in our Accounts Receivable system, looking up existing patients and their insurance is fast, easy and accurate: simply search by patient name or Patient ID. Existing patients can be selected with just a few key strokes. Demographic, Subscriber and Insurance information is then automatically entered into the new requisition for you.

Tests can be selected by test code or by test name. An up to date ICD-9 Diagnosis code database is available for easy test coding. You can look up these codes either by diagnosis or by an ICD-9 code, if you happen to know it.

Standing orders can also be entered and scheduled in WebOrdersView, if necessary.
Patient Demographics Tab
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In the process of entering an order, new patient data can be entered or data for existing patients can be updated, changed or corrected; all right from within a new order in WebOrdersView.
Subscriber Tab
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You can also enter Subscriber and insurance information for a new patient or edit Subscriber and insurance information for an existing patient in WebOrdersView.

When you're finished entering a lab order, you can print ABNs, specimen labels and hard copies of the requisition from WebOrdersView, as desired. Any lab follow up necessary to complete the order, for example, picking up specimens, is automatically scheduled your order is received.

WebOrdersView, your order arrives electronically and is ready to test and report almost immediately upon arrival of your specimens. The entire process is simple, fast and error free.